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  • Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.  Romans 12:12

    A message from the Chaplain

    As we ease the Covid restrictions in our community, we at St James’ and St Nicholas’ churches want to make public health and the safety of our parishioners and church attendees paramount. We want people who are vulnerable or who have ongoing concerns about the virus to be safe and to feel comfortable

    With this in mind the following policy is introduced:

    Church opening. St Nicholas Church will remain closed in the weekexcept for occasions when the Verger is able to open it or when requests are made / negotiated by telephone or email. Saint James’ Church, being in a less remote setting, will resume full opening during daylight hours. As the virus is spread primarily by airborne fluid droplets, the risk is minimal. Notices will be in place asking people not to touch things, thus reducing the minimal risk of transmission via surfaces.

    Face masks. We ask people to wear face masks whilst  entering the church and when leaving the building. Whilst there is no legal requirement for this, such a policy  ensures continuing protection of everyone and protect s those who are vulnerable or uncomfortable in shared environments

    Social Distancing. Some churches have identified and marked out areas of their church for people who want to social distance and other areas for people who don’t want to distance. Our churches are relatively small and such demarcation is not practicable so we will maintain social distancing within St Nicholas’ and St James’ Churches. This has worked and will continue to work well for us as we have been able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend worship. In so doing we will be respecting everyone.

    Holy Communion will continue to be administered in one kind (as bread only). There is longstanding evidence that disease generally is not transmitted by the common cup. The risk of transmission of covid in this way is considered minimal but it is generally felt that wearing masks, observing social distancing and then drinking from a common cup would give a very confusing message. So, for now, we won’t do that. The bread will be brought to people in their pews to avoid common touching points, especially for the elderly, between the pew and the altar rail.

    Singing of hymns will be gradually reintroduced as it is felt safe to do so  and initially in a limited gentle way

    Weddings, Baptisms and funerals can be booked with the chaplain who will advise people of the current liberties and limitations as outlined above.

    OUR PRIORITY is the safety and comfort of everyone who enters our churches. We long for greater liberties but remain committed to conservative approach to changing our careful precautions.     


    Our two churches, Norman and Saxon respectively have a rich and fascinating history, both being donatory peculiars belonging to the Squire of the Southwick Estate

    The Augustinian monks from Portchester founded Southwick Priory in the mid 12th century. In 1539, following the Dissolution, Henry VIII sold the priory and its assets to John Whyte. The Estate, with its homes, farms, businesses, shop,  churches and woodland is still owned and managed by the descendants of John Whyte.
    Southwick House was requisitioned by the Government during WWII but much of the rest of the original Estate remains intact.

    Our two churches are places of Traditional Middle Anglican Worship using both the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship in our services.

    In our mission statement which is continually being defined and redefined in our common life is that:

    We delight in being set at the heart of the Southwick Estate with the Squire as our Patron.

    We seek to worship God as made known to us in Jesus Christ.

    We are traditional in our worship and broad in our thinking.

    We are unafraid to reason, laugh and explore. 

    We know we need one another as we try to embody our faith in our daily lives.

    We welcome people of faith, all who seek faith and friendship and all who doubt.

    Rev’d Simon Brocklehurst, chaplain.

    Tel 07905 318016


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    Avoiding isolation  At the onset of the crisis Jim Watson, chair of the Parish Council, invited a handful of people from the community to meet together (socially distanced) to discuss a coordinated plan to care for people as the need arose. A special careline was set up, volunteer CRB checked responders were identified and several hundred leaflets delivered explaining that people could telephone the careline on 07534 770164, should they need help with shopping, prescriptions, other practical matters, or just to chat if they were feeling isolated. There have been relatively few requests or calls, but the line remains live, should anyone have need to call it

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